Version 1.2 Now Available in App Store

The latest update to The Etiquette App has been approved by the Apple iTunes Store and is now avialable. It features new content, bigger text, a new option to suggest changes or additions. An updated data framework that you will never see, but sorting, order, and other fun things that happen in the background now happen faster.

Improvements Coming

We have been working away at improving the speed and usefulness of The Etiquette App. In coming weeks there will be numerous updates to performance and content so please leave some feedback and we will try to include your suggestions!

Etiquette App now in iTunes Store

The Etiquette App is now available in the iTunes store! Check it out and enjoy. Version 1.2 that is already available on Android has been submitted to the iTunes for approval, it includes a cleaner and smoother interface. Check it out and check back for updates on both content and application enhancements, improvements and additions.

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App Available for Android

The Etiquette App v1.2 is now available for Android mobile devices. It can be found in the Android Market at the following location – . The application requires that users have Adobe Air 3.0 installed on their device in order to run so make sure that you have access to that (it is free), you can get it here –

Thank you and enjoy, we would like to mention that the application is able to download small content updates and will be updated based on user feedback and suggestions. So please let us know what you think.

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App Status

Good afternoon everyone !
We are here at Cult Creative, putting the final touches on the app. Version 1.0 has already been submitted to the app store for iTunes but will not be available until it has been approved. We are actively updating the content and always looking for ways to improve our applications. Check the app stores for both Android and iTunes over the course of the next week to see if we have launch. We will, of course, post something on here, twitter and facebook to announce the official launch of this great app!

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Welcome to

Welcome to home of The Etiquette App. Here will will let you know what is going on with the development and constant improvements to the app that will be made. You can also come here to learn a little bit more about Etiquette. Our site searches Twitter constantly to capture the latest discussions about etiquette from around the world.